Townhouses Granada Hills California

Dregner Homes offers Townhouses in Granada Hills, California. We have a great collection of many different types of townhouses. All the units have successfully been delivered to the client according to their needs and requirements. In all the collection of townhouse designs we have, maximize the functional space by selecting efficient plans that create double-height spaces and each floor plate for the living area.

What is a Townhouse?

A townhouse is a type of residential building. The term may refer to the entire building or just one dwelling unit in such a building. Townhouses’ layouts can range from single-level to three or more levels, containing a garage in the basement. Some townhouses have turrets attached and/or garages connected with tunnels that allow for an underground connection between garages without disrupting private space. A townhouse is a flat-roofed building with one or more entrances, that generally opens up into a vestibule and then the main living spaces. A basement sometimes called a “carriage house,” may be found at the rear of some townhouses.

Advantages of Townhouse

If you are looking for townhouses near me, you are probably doing the best thing. There are multiple advantages if you are planning to get a townhouse. Some of the most important benefits are highlighted below.


Townhouses are generally more than single detached family homes in the same location. The shared foundation and walls help to bring down the extra-large space required. Hence, they are easily available at any location.


One of the primary reasons a townhouse is less expensive than a single detached home is because of shared foundations and walls. A townhouse will generally cost you less than a detached home which has more expensive building materials; this makes it more affordable to purchase.


When looking to invest in a new home there are many factors to consider. This includes the cost of home ownership and the interest rates you will have to pay on your mortgage. Townhouses are generally more affordable than single-detached family homes and can be an ideal alternative for those who love living with other people despite raising children alone.


The townhouse is placed within proximity to its neighbors, allowing for additional privacy. Townhouses are termed as a good investment for investors that are seeking higher returns on their cash flow.


A townhouse is a relatively suitable residential unit. Compared to detached homes, townhouses allow more space for a family to live. It includes two or more rooms and a basement comprising a large shared floor plan and large intrusions into the exterior facade.


Since the demand for townhouses has been relatively high, the price of a townhouse has also increased. The fact that other people have been buying these units means that you have to be prepared to pay more some even go as far as saying that it’s better to buy a house than a townhouse when looking for your first home. But if you want to buy townhouses in California, Drenger Homes is there to solve your problem. We are here to provide affordable Town Houses in Granada Hills, California. Hence, visit us now and get your dream and budget-friendly townhouse.